Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why use homemade olive oil soaps? Are all homemade soaps the same?

 Homemade Olive Oil Soaps

Our Ingredients

Ingredients really matter.  Our homemade olive oil soaps and shea butter soaps are made from scratch with skin-loving oils such as olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, and unrefined shea butter.  Olive oil is known to be great for the skin, and our olive oil soaps have a high percentage of olive oil in them.  Coconut oil makes for a wonderful lather.  Palm oil makes for a hard bar.  We personally designed a recipe that we think makes a perfectly balanced bar of soap.  Each oil we use has different properties and with the amounts we have used this results in a hard bar with a nice, fluffy, creamy long-lasting lather and it has such a soft smooth feel due to the shea butter.  You will feel as though you've put lotion on, with your skin feeling soft and moisturized with no harmful chemicals used, unlike store-bought soap.  Everyone that has tried our olive oil soaps have fallen in love with them.  The more you use them, the better your skin feels over time.

Are All Homemade Soaps the Same?

Not all homemade soaps are created equal.  Depending on the types of oils and percentages used, you can have totally different results.  Check the ingredients before you purchase homemade soap and ask a lot of questions.  If the recipe isn't formulated right, you can end up with a soft bar, slimy bar, a bar with little lather, or not enough cleansing ability or one that cleans too much and leaves your skin dry.  If you've been disappointed in the past with a homemade soap, look no further.  You will love our olive oil soaps and the truly luxurious feel they have from our high quality ingredients.

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