Friday, August 16, 2013

Hot Process Olive Oil and Shea Butter Soaps - Brown Sugar and Fig and Lemon Spearmint

We've been really busy around here making lots of new soaps, especially our olive oil soaps with shea butter.  Our olive oil and shea butter soaps are made by the hot process technique, giving it a sweet rustic charm.  This is what it looks like once it's out of the mold and ready to cut.  I typically leave my soaps overnight and cut them first thing in the morning.
 Once they are cut, I let them dry out a little more for a few days or up to a week to harden a little bit more.  With hot process soap making, my soaps are ready to use right away and are safe and mild.  I cook them in a crockpot and I can scrape out the soap scraps from the crockpot and make a small bar out of that and use it right away.  It feels so nice and smooth and lathers excellently right away.  With cold process soap making, you have to wait 4 - 6 weeks or longer for the soaps to dry and cure, and even longer sometimes depending on the recipe or if there is a really high percentage of olive oil.
This one is scented with Brown Sugar and Fig and it is a personal favorite, it smells so good and is a Bath and Body Works type scent.  Real cinnamon and brown sugar have been added and it has these lovely brown swirls in it. The cinnamon powder is slightly scrubby too, making it a gently exfoliating soap.
It's available for purchase at Ginger Grey Soaps

 This is our new Lemon Spearmint soap made with lemon and spearmint essential oils.  A delicate yellow shade and topped with calendula petals.  This makes a lovely bath soap, and would be a great addition to any bathroom's decor.  It's available for purchase at Ginger Grey Soaps

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