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Are homemade glycerin soaps good and are they all the same in quality and ingredients? Are they really lye free?

Homemade Glycerin Soaps

Are All Glycerin Soaps the Same?

Our regular and goats milk glycerin soaps are handmade from an all natural soap base so you can be confident your skin will stay clean and nourished, not dry and damaged.  Not all glycerin soaps are made with an all natural base.  A lot of cheaper soap bases are made with lots of harmful chemicals and are no better than what you buy in the store.  Some are purchased from local craft stores and are loaded with toxic chemicals. 

Quality Matters

We think quality is more important than purchasing a cheaper soap base.  Our glycerin soaps contain no SLS, propylene glycol, sulfates, petroleum, or surfactants and contain only the highest quality ingredients.  Make sure you read the ingredient listing of homemade soaps you buy.  If the seller won't disclose the ingredients, there's probably a reason.  We proudly list all of our ingredients on each product listing.   

Our Ingredients

Our glycerin soap base contains coconut oil, palm oil, and safflower oil which makes for a nice, long-lasting hard bar.  Glycerin soap has glycerin (as does all true homemade soap) which is a humectant and draws moisture from the air onto your skin.  Water and sodium hydroxide (lye) are essential for making the oils turn into soap.  There is no such thing as a lye free soap, unless it's not true soap, but a chemical laden bar instead.  Sorbitol is a naturally occurring ingredient found in many edible fruits and berries, corn, even seaweed and is used because of its outstanding moisturizing properties. Sorbitol also provides clarity and translucency to our glycerin bar soaps.  Sorbitan oleate is an emulsifier made from a vegetable source.  Soybean protein, made from soybeans is used as a conditioner.  Our colorings used are oxides, micas, pigments, liquid colorings, or natural colorings.  If a soap lists fragrance as an ingredient, it is a fragrance oil.  If it lists essential oil, then it's an essential oil.

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