Friday, August 16, 2013

Homemade Lavender Soap with Essential Oils - All Natural Shea Butter Soaps

We've added a few new essential oil soaps to our line.  This one below is another lavender soap.  We already have an Oatmeal Lavender soap, which I absolutely love.  The oatmeal adds a wonderful creaminess to the lather, but the soap is uncolored and has a very simple, rustic look to it.  I really wanted a purple lavender soap seeing as how purple is my favorite color.  The color didn't turn out as purple as I would like. It's more of a pinkish purple shade, but it's really pretty and I may keep it that way since it's not your typical lavender shade.  Here it is in the mold topped with dried lavender buds, waiting to cool and then be sliced.

 I love the way it turned out.  Simple and beautiful, and the lavender essential oil smells amazing!
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