Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall Scented Homemade Luxury Shea Butter Soaps

 This is one of our new luxury shea butter soaps, Cinnamon Swirl.  Breathe in the aroma of fresh baked buttery cinnamon rolls and the sweet scent of sweet drizzled icing. This delicious cinnamon bun scented handmade shea butter soap has real swirls of ground cinnamon throughout, which add mild exfoliation and beauty.
 This one smells amazing!  Pumpkin Spice  has a sweet scent of freshly baked pumpkin pie, with the perfect touch of spicy cinnamon and cloves. Sweet sugary maple adds the finishing touch to this fabulous fall scented shea butter soap. Real pumpkin puree was blended in which is rich in skin-loving vitamins, and it's topped with a shimmer of copper sparkly mica for an elegant touch.

This is a classic, sweet vanilla scented homemade soap with a touch of elegance.  Our Vanilla Bean soap is handmade with skin nourishing olive oil and shea butter with real Madagascar vanilla beans added throughout and a light sprinkling of poppy seeds making it simple, but beautiful. It has a rich and creamy lather, as do all of our shea butter soaps that will leave your skin smelling yummy, clean, and soft!

Just when you thought it couldn't get much better, we discovered Almond Biscotti.  This scent is absolutely amazing and smells decadent!  It's a yummy blend of toasted almonds, sweet cake flour and drizzled chocolate, that will leave you wanting more. We've also added ground almonds which add great exfoliation, making this a luxurious and long-lasting hand soap or an exfoliating body soap.  You'll love it!
If you can't decide on just one, we have the perfect solution.  You can get all four of these all natural homemade luxury shea butter soaps in our 4 pack at a discount, and get flat rate shipping, making it a great bargain.  Enjoy the lovely and delicious scents of fall!


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